“Many of the assignments are similarly whimsical, but despite their seeming playfulness, they are a fundamental attempt to re-address the way we see photographs. A common theme among the contributions is the idea that before you can get creative, you need to be destructive, which suggests established approaches have gotten tired.” – Colin Pantall


Phonar, an abbreviation of PHOtography and NARrative, is an open and ongoing undergraduate photography project, run out of the Coventry University Photography department. It is a core course component of the Photography degree program, and students share assignments on social media as they complete them, while working towards the creation of a cross-cohort publication.

#phonar2018 will be partially based on participant response to The Photographer’s Playbook; 307 Assignments and Ideas, edited by Gregory Halpern and Jason Fulford (2014). This course will use this resource to construct tasks that facilitate both an investigation into photography and narrative, and also into the development of a broad spectrum of photographers’ narratives. It will also be formed around intensive workshops that address stages of photographic narrative structure: finding, making and sharing.

How do I follow the project? #phonar2018 lives in a few different spaces, but updates will be posted here, on the website, as well as Twitter, and Instagram. You can also check out the amazing work of the #phonar2016 and #phonar2017 cohorts, by tracking down that hashtag across the same social media.

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