pg.268 Andrew Phelps and Jack Matts

Task 2 Step 1 : Tweet a Synopsis of the assignment. Step 2 : Research the author and make a portrait of them. Step 3 : Critically analyse the work of the photographer and make an image in their style. Step 4 : Complete the assignment. Step 5 : Critical Analysis Andrew Phelps assignment in the photographs playbook began with the handing out of an image from time within the last century. Due to the ambiguity, I was only given the name of the photographer. I received a black and white landscape photograph by Ansel Adams. My response to the photo I received was to implement this classic … Continue reading

Pg.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chagrin & Jack Matts

Task 1 Building Narratives from the Finding Workshop. Step 1 : Further analyse the text you have received about your fictional photographer. Step 2 : Artist Biography. Adriana Westley is a photographer that was born in 69bc ancient Egypt. Westley is tall and beautiful, with fiery ginger hair that flows in the Egyptian breeze. Her interests lie in abstract fashion portraiture where she channels her inner outgoing nature. She works with props and Egyptian land to create abstract stylized imagery. She works in hot and dry terrain, telling stories of her home town in throughout her images. Westley loves using textures and … Continue reading

Pg.341 Sara Terry and Tony Ellinas

Task 2 Step 1 – Tweet a synopsis Step 2 – Visual Portrait of Author Step 3 – Critical Analysis ( Instagram) Step 4 – Complete the assignment Body of work : Light Blue   Step 5 – Critical Analysis The Light Blue is a body of worked based on the assignment of Sara Terry (Pg 341-342). There were no steps to follow for the assignment although it talks for an exercise which helps colour photographer to distinguish the colour in different locations and objects. When I first read the assignment I thought of taking pictures and choose … Continue reading

Pg.33 Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin and Tony Ellinas

Task 1 Step 1 – Text received Step 2 – Artist Bio Peter Jameson was born in England in August 1932 and emigrated to Scotland in 1950. After a series of odd jobs, he became a freelance photographer. During 1960’s exploring the wild landscapes in mainly Scotland and the lake district. What he really likes about lake district is the reflection of images on water. He was born into a rural lifestyle inspired by the local community it’s values and traditions especially within the farming community. He worked with medium format creating atmosphere shots through the use of changeable English … Continue reading

Tierney Gearon + RACHEL SAID

TASK 4   STEP 1 – Make a decision about which assignment you will follow. I have decided to follow Tierney Gearon’s assignment. STEP 2 – Tweet a synopsis of the assignment you choose. STEP 3 – Follow the steps of your preferred assignment. STEP 4 –  Write a brief introduction of the assignment you choose. On the 21st of April, an eventful night went down in history. It began 2pm on Saturday afternoon and ended at 8:00 Sunday morning. The party lasted 18 hours in total. It was held in 5 locations in total. The reason for this … Continue reading

Pg. 169 Nadav Kander and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 3 For Task 3 I chose to work on the task set by Nadav Kander, which involved learning the difference between a travel snapshot and a created landscape Step 1: Complete the Assignment                       Step 2: Critical Rationale For this task set by Nadav Kander, we had to explore how we capture a landscape and the difference between a travel photo and a landscape, the difference being the creation of a landscape whereas the simple taking of a travel snapshot. For this series of images, I had to think … Continue reading

p. 116 Allen Frame & Irini Georgiades & Denisa Dimitrova

Tweet a synopsis of the task your group has chosen. Divide into small groups of 2-7 and organise a party at someone’s home. Document it. Let the camera mingle with the guests. The purpose of this task is to promote social bonding! #AllenFrame #TierneyGearon #phonar2018 #photographersplaybook — Denisa (@Denisadimitrova) May 2, 2018 Write a brief introduction to the party. Friday the 13th, the day that both Denisa and Irini decided to have a party. The day was not planned to be the unlucky Friday the 13th but as the party occurred to be on that day we went along and … Continue reading

P.325 Jem Southam & Aitanna Gomes

Task Two Step One: Think about physical and human geographies, weather patterns and experiential modes of gathering information. Explore the site! Photograph the process. #JemSoutham #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2018 — Aitanna Gomes (@Aitanna_G) April 28, 2018   Step Two: Artist Portrait                     Step Three: Image in their style                       Step Four: Complete the assignment     ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ from Aitanna Gomes on Vimeo.     Step Five: Critical Rationale Approaching this task enticed me to think about ways in which landscape images … Continue reading

pg169 NadavKander + HayleyChapman

Step 1 Step 2 This series of images respond to Kander’s task set, questioning what makes a landscape and what makes a travel snapshot? Traveling to Canada I explored this through taking my time to compose each individual image, featuring different elements within the set of photographs. Key elements are used such as focus points to draw viewers into the frames, grabbing their attention; these consisting of a whale’s tail, a boat and the sun rise. Features are emphasised in all frames using the rule of thirds, whether this be basing the main focus point or even the horizon on … Continue reading

James Estrin + RACHEL SAID

TASK 3   STEP 1 – Choose one of the assignments from Nadav Kandar, Sharon Harper or James Estrin. STEP 2 – Complete the assignment. STEP 3 – Write a brief critical rationale focused on substantiating the choices you have made. Critical Rationale I first went about completing James Estrin’s task named ‘the basics’ by evaluating the brief thoroughly. Deeply thinking about what the composition of my photographs will be; by taking into account the location I will photograph, the position I will be stood when taking the photograph, the time of day, the colours in the photograph, the focus, depth of … Continue reading