James Estrin + RACHEL SAID



STEP 1 – Choose one of the assignments from Nadav Kandar, Sharon Harper or James Estrin.

STEP 2 – Complete the assignment.

STEP 3 – Write a brief critical rationale focused on substantiating the choices you have made.

Critical Rationale

I first went about completing James Estrin’s task named ‘the basics’ by evaluating the brief thoroughly. Deeply thinking about what the composition of my photographs will be; by taking into account the location I will photograph, the position I will be stood when taking the photograph, the time of day, the colours in the photograph, the focus, depth of field, the motion, the exposure and the best way I am going to express what I want to say in my images. In the city of London, the beautiful St Pauls cathedral sits in the midst of all of the chaos. I wanted to show my journey around this Cathedral through different methods. For instance, using layering, reflections, focus and light.

I request my spectators to come on this journey with me. For example, I first began photographing the historical building using the technique of involving reflections in the composition. I chose the time of day to be sunset, therefore in my first photograph, I caught the sunset at its peak. As we continue on this journey, it is clear that I began using layering as well as the use of reflections. As I was familiarising myself with the basic techniques of photography. By photographing the reflection of the Cathedral through a metal railing, I had put a barrier in between my camera and the frame I was photographing, which therefore created the layer in the photographs. On the last stop of my journey, I decided to go photograph the significant monument not only from a different angle but from inside.  I also incorporated layers in these photographs quite extensively. In which the cathedral is not as clear as it was in my other photographs. As I was photographing through a patterned barrier, the light from lampposts and restaurants around the building had become distorted. It created this beautiful colourful and warm bokeh. I also experimented with the focus in these last few photographs, varying from focusing the barrier in front of the cathedral to taking it out of focus and keeping the cathedral in focus. I feel that this assignment has given me the chance to experiment with techniques I would not generally consider and create beautiful compositions by accurately controlling the frame.

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