p.108. Ivan Petkov and Brian Finke



Step 1 :

1- Tweet a synopsys of the assignment

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Channel your feelings into your work, try to feel it fully and show it in your photographs.


Step 2 :

Investigate the author and make a portrait of them, illustrate how you preceive their charecter.

Post the portrait to instagram. :



Post a portrait that illustrates how you perceive their character. Brian Finke has graduated from School kf Visual Arts, in New York city. His photography portrays scenes of interesting happenings of everyday life. His work has been featured in New York Times, National Geographic and many others. He has received several prestigious awards as well as the Award of Excellence. In short words he is a dreamer and a person who loves everyday life and wants to portray it with his images. A normal person with a brain of a genius.

Step 3 : Critically analyse the work of the author and make an image in their ”style”. Post it in Instagram.


Wanbli Williams (303.495.8496 cetanwanbli@gmail.com) smokes a marijuana joint after work at a an apartment in Denver, Colorado on Monday, November 3, 2014.

Brian Finke – Pot Barons

Brian Finke took images of Colorado’s grand cannabis experiment that captured the imagination of America. After 75 years of marijuana prohibition, the state’s voters amended their constitution and legalized marijuana in all forms. The results have been remarkable.

The images show a lot of marijuana and the facilities where it is grown. As well as the plant Finke took images of people smoking it. All of the images are colorful and the ones that show the room with the plant have more of a pink and green color than the other pictures which look more natural.

As well as the images that people are using marijuana for personal use, he has images that give a sense that it is for medical use as well, there are many pictures that portray the care and work done for the growing of the plant.

In other words the images he took give a sense that the illegal plant is nothing to be compared to other narcotics.

Step 4: Complete the assignment

Channel your feelings into your work:

Step 5 : Critical analysis

I choose to make these kind of images, that are fast shutter speed shots because I feel motivated when I see these kind of people, athletic and gracious. But mainly because  it is a part of my everyday life.  I feel motivated as well as inspired by when I work with the camera so I choose to make them more casual looking rathar than a simple sport like images. Also being casual is one of the things I like the most. I prefer more real like photography so that I can show the way the project I am making is.
In the assignment the author wanted me to make images that show how I am feeling and expressing it withc images, channeling my emotions and show them in my photographs.
With that my goal was to create images that show what I always feel and and try to express. I used people not objects becaues the way the persons body floats is absolutely amazing. When you use fast shutter speed camera and lens with low aperature you can catch a perfect poze of a person in the air. A lot of my recent works have been a similar way of expressing a certain way of looking at things and a way to capture a feeling.  I color corrected the images almost blue looking, to pump a little bit the color of the sky. Because for this assignment I used the sky into a symbolic way to show a bright sky that in these images is the limit. In the image of the water falling I try to say that people are like waterfalls, they look beautiful but If you try to flow with them, they drawn you.

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