P.110 Steve Fitch and Mihaela Nita

Feedback Loop

STEP I - The tweets

STEP II - The artist portrait

I tried to portray Steve Fitch for his love of neons and the old.

STEP III - Photograph in the style of the artist

Inspired by Fitch’s body of work entitled “Gone”, I’ve decided to take a photograph in the same style of the former school and psychiatric hospital in the village I grew up in which is now “gone”.

STEP IV - The assignment













STEP V - Critical analysis

Often when I take photographs of people, I try to get to know them, know what they like and find out what they want as an outcome from a photograph. I found out it is most useful to show to the subjects what the result is and before publishing anything, take on their feedback and try to retouch in Photoshop. I believe feedback is one of the most important factors regarding one’s self confidence and improvement. Depending on each person’s opinion, you know what to continue on doing and what to rethink on further occasions, securing imminent development.



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