p.113 Lucas Foglia and Georgia Hutchins

Task 3

Lucas Foglia: Make it seem…

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Assignment: Make it seem…

Step 3: Critical Rational

I have collaborated with my sister to create a happy song seem sad, played to a timelaspe of a flower dying to represent something sad made beautiful. The flower coming back to life portraying the the normal made shocking with the overall underlying message of time heals as something I want people to know about. I wanted to combine all the steps to this task as I felt some of the stages can overlap to create multiple meanings.

My sister as a musician has the ability to tell a story and portray emotion through music, just as I, a photographer, can interpret the same qualities visually. I decided to collaborate with my sister a song because I wanted to approach this section of the task differently than I would usually as a photographer. Creating music with my sister for the video gave the re-interpreted task another layer of media with the visual, that can still be merged to combine all steps in to one piece. If I were to improve on this video I would make the time-lapse smoother and faster as it is apparent in the beginning of the video that I had problems with the camera positioning. The video transitions to black and white screens portray the negative/positive element to the steps. The pauses in-between the visuals gives an opportunity for each visual step to be individually appreciated and for the music to be heard as an element on its own rather than a background piece.


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