p. 116 Allen Frame & Irini Georgiades & Denisa Dimitrova

Tweet a synopsis of the task your group has chosen.

Write a brief introduction to the party.

Friday the 13th, the day that both Denisa and Irini decided to have a party. The day was not planned to be the unlucky Friday the 13th but as the party occurred to be on that day we went along and hoped for the best turnout of the party. The party was during Easter break and not many people were in Coventry. However, we invited our friends from different backgrounds and the ones that were here, came up and  had the chance to meet with people from different cultures. Our party was hosted at Irini’s flat. We brought snacks and soft drinks and have let our guests bring alcohol if they wanted. In order to document the party we used two DSLR cameras, an external microphone and a GoPro Hero5 that we got from the Media Loan Shop in university. In order to make people feel more involved in this task we decided to pass the camera around in order to get people’s perspective of what was happening. At this party people had the chance to talk with people that have never talked before. We had people from Bulgaria, Spain, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Equatorial Guinea, Hong Kong and Cyprus.

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