p.121 George Georgiou and Dan Richardson

Task One:

Stop and return

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Visual Portrait

George Georgiou is a freelance British photographer and photojournalist best known for his work in eastern Europe, particularly Turkey.

Step 3: In the style of

Step 4: The Task

Step 5: Critical Rationale

Upon reading the task I knew almost straight away the king of images I wanted to make, but the question was where and how. I wanted to choose a simple, everyday location to make more exciting. I chose a bus stop because they are generally boring places that often get ignored when passing by, they are just there doing nothing. I decided that each time I go back to the bus stop there would be something bigger and more exciting waiting to catch a bus starting with a small rabbit and ending with a dragon.

The images successfully represent how I view the world and how my brain works, however the images still feel fake and manipulated, if I were to redo the task I would consider using different people in costume each time getting more extreme, at least that way the photographs would not seem so manufactured. At least I got to use Photoshop and produce images in my style while also having a slight hint of Georgiou’s style in there.


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