P.124 Jim Goldberg and Elizabeth Smith

Task One.

Step 1)  First Step was to tweet the following steps.


Step 2) Artist Portrait,  Jim Goldberg.
Within Goldbergs work he explores different ways of reading an image. In the following photograph I chose to photograph a lady walking away. Where was she going? Was she going to see someone? This is what I took from taking the photograph.

Step 3. Photograph in the style of the artist. Jim Goldberg, Many of Goldberg’s work he explores text with a range of the photographs he took. This is where I took the inspiration when creating this work. 

Step 4. Within the following task it explored me thinking about what I want to focus on capturing throughout my life. The list needed to include what will be inspirational to me.

Step 5. Critical Rational.

Within this following task it made me explore the reasoning behide why we follow steps or even plan out what is necessary to explore within day-to-day life. Within the task it explores why it’s so important to write down what we needs to be taken as a task. The tasks what could be written down could benefit us all in a range of different ways for example, it could be life changing to just simply remembering what needs to be completed. From this task it made me revaluate what skills and a career route I want to achieve. From the list it has a range of different realistic gains to a false reality that made never happen. However with this in mind it made me realize what I want to challenge in my life.


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