P.125 Daniel Gordon & Liam Steeples

Task One: Daniel Gordon ‘Three Assignments and a Thought’ 

Step One: Tweet a synopsis
















Step Two: Create a Portraiture






Daniel Gordon is an Artist and Photographer who’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. His work features portraiture and still life of fruit & veg with an abstract but colourful approach, which influenced my decision on using fruit & veg cropped as a portraiture.


Step Three: In The Author Style



















Daniel Gordon work shows still life, portraiture, some with an abstract look and repetitive patterns and shapes running throughout his work. I decided to focus on his still life images and incorporate a pattern background with fruit & veg in a cup similar to his image of fruit and veg next to vases and jars.

Step Four: Complete The Assignment

1. Photograph someone doing something to someone else.












2. Make a photograph with more than three people in the frame.


3.3. Photograph a complete stranger.


 Step 5: Critical Rational

When I approached this task I found it difficult to create portraiture to show Daniel Gordon as an artist because of the different media. I didn’t know the best way to translate Gordon’s abstract art into photographic portrait which created a barrier between work. Creating work in the style of Gordon was easier yet still provided a challenge as I feel inexperienced creating still life work. If I could try these steps again for task one I would maybe try and incorporate a different media style into my work making the transition from Gordon’s work over to mine a lot smoother and readable.

For Step Four I feel I could have engaged with the task more, I feel the first two parts of the assignment went well and I captured what was asked of me with Taxi drivers having a conversation and laughs to a busy street with groups in frame. The last part I felt I could have engaged with the strangers more and improved on my communication skills like confidence and starting a conversation with people and learning more about them instead of taking a fly on the wall approach with the aims of photographing the subject matter without being noticed by the public.

Overall I feel the first task went okay with some room for improvements I can work on, like improving my confidence to approach people in public for a photograph. I believe this could be a helpful skill to benefit me later in life as an aspiring photographer.


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