P.130 Katy Grannan and Lucy Turner

Task 1


Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Visual Portrait

For Katy Grannan’s visual portrait I showcased her enthusiasm for female rights. It was clear through research ‘The future is female’ is an important message to Grannan, therefore I photographed a variety of women holding up the quote.

Step 3: In the style of

Grannan focuses a lot on street photography, in which she explores the brief meeting between the subject and photographer. She tends to focus on the ‘outsiders’ of society, as she believes ‘nobody should be forgotten.’ When recreating this style, I focused on the concept more than the bleach white wall backgrounds and strong midday light aesthetic used by Katy Grannan. I photographed a subject that watches society walk past him day by day from the same spot, for the last twenty years. This florist and market seller explained to me he could stand in the same spot everyday and see thousands of different members of society.

Step 4: Task out come

Step 5: Critical Rationale

Initially when first reading Katy Grannan’s task, I was resistant to go out of my comfort zone. Due to constantly trying to be a perfectionist, specifically with my work, this is not something I would normally do. However, I have taken inspiration from Grannan’s The Boulevard series, as she uses street photography to interact with passers by. This is always working with chance, not knowing the outcome when starting the shoot or the subjects you will meet doing so. Inspired by this method of thinking and risk taking with work, I used a completely different style of photography. From always using digital cameras, due to having more control on the outcomes of the image, film photography has constantly been an intimidating thought. This comes from not being able to check the photographs until they’re developed, therefore you cannot necessarily retake a perfect shot as easily as you can with digital.

Although I am disappointed with the outcomes of my first experience with properly using film, I have learnt a lot more about this style of photography. Learning from my mistakes, particularly with shutter speed to capture correctly lit images rather than over exposed ones I am already more confident with photographing using film. It has also opened my eyes to the potential of film, and the aesthetic it can bring that digital cannot. Due to going out of my comfort zone trying something new, I am confident to experiment with it more and bring it into my current projects to benefit my photographic skill set.

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