p.140 Melissa Harris and Georgia Hutchins

 Task 2

Melissa Harris: Exquisite Corpse

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Assignment: The Fridge People

Step 3: Critical Rational

I have reinterpreted the Exquisite Corpse task to produce a collaborative portrait with my housemates. I left an open request for my housemates to participate by adding to the head I had stuck to our fridge with magnets. Later I invited other households to take part in creating their own fridge person to begin creating a light hearted collection of Fridge People.

I approached the task similarly to the drawing game: by not seeing how others added to the portrait. I also did not give much input as to how to complete each body part. In doing so this encoraged creativity in my participants. It was interesting to see how each person interpreted the task differently, turning the portrait in to a compilation of each person, and households artistic abilities. Working with people outside a creative background created diversities to how each person interpreted the task, some with more success than others. However, I believe the process of creating the fridge person as a household is much more valuable to the task than the aesthetics of the fridge person, or quality of the photograph submitted. Making the task into a game makes the creation of the fridge people a fun and lighthearted challenge of working together. I could see this task turning in to an online collaborative effort, inviting strangers on the internet to participate in my game similar to the project Learning to Love You More by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.

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