p.142 Jacqueline Hassink and Emily Lynch

Task 4: Photograph the economic change within a major city

The photographer’s playbook page set me a task to photograph the economic change within a major city. I decided to look into the architecture of Coventry and how it has changed in the past ten years. I live just off Far Gosford street and have always thought that the street seems to be changing year after year, whether its new shops, or brand new buildings.

Using the influence of Hassink’s photo collage aesthetics, I have decided to photograph one of the newest buildings at the end of the street, which is the new student accommodation, Gosford Gate. I then looked on Google Maps to investigate the physical change and have included a screen grab of the same location of the street but in August 2008, nearly ten years apart. I think that this is a clear way of displaying how there has been a change within this city.

Hassink’s style of photography which interested me were the images of rooms and buildings, and how she has put more than one to create a photo montage. The main influence of my work was from Female Power Stations: Queen Bees, which was curated between 1996 – 1998.

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