P.16 Tim Barber and Charlotte Bamford

Task One


Step 1 – Synopsis

Step 2 – Visual Portrait









When researching Tim Barber, particularly his project ‘Untitled Photographs’, I found that he believes that many of the photographs he takes are like puzzle pieces. These pieces can then be used to show or create a larger narrative.

Step 3 – Image in the Style of













As part of one of his personal projects, Barber produces traditional Cyanotypes from a broad range of subject matter. I took an interest in his use of alternative processes and produced one of my own.

Step 4 – Complete the Task

Step 5 – Critical Rationale

This task involved getting someone else to produce my images for me, something I’m not used to, as I don’t really collaborate with others very often. After looking into both Barber’s professional and personal work I found his subject matter to be very broad. I found this prospect thrilling as I could ask for anything to be photographed, but also very nerve wracking as I was the one setting the brief.

To produce the images for this task I asked a fellow photography student, Lucy, to create my images rather asking someone with little or no photography experience. I felt that asking someone on my course would provide a more interesting and stylistic result as there is a huge variation in the preferred style of photographing in the group and seeing how they interpreted the task I relayed to them was an exciting prospect to me. I asked Lucy to photograph things that shouldn’t be how they are because, knowing Lucy, I knew this would be a hard thing for her to deliberately look for because she likes everything to be in order. In addition to this what she determines as being ‘out of place’ is very different to what I would define as being out of place. Due to our contrasting interpretations of this phrase I thought it would be interesting to look at the world how Lucy sees it.




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