p.163 Margarete Jakschik and Paulina Cetnarska

Follow Your Heart

Step 1: Assignment synopsis

Step 2: Visual Portrait of Artist

Margarete Jakschik was born 1974 in Ruda Slaska, Poland but lives and works in Los Angeles, US. Jakschik headed for Los Angeles in to find traces of the music scene of the 1960s and ’70s, but she was more focused on documenting her own feelings and mood, rather than tracking real music places. Jakschik gives a very appealing example of how to stay with your ideas in a completely different composition. Either/Or is a series of six cubes with different images coming together, depending on how they are moved, while still showing a sense of longing. I have experimented and have done one cube myself.

Step 3: Artist’s Style

Jakschik’s style is sensitive, intimate, contingent, subjective, passionate -even romantic. Much of her work made in colour, accompanied by soft light.

Step 4: Completed assignment

Step 5: Critical Rationale

I would describe Jakschik as mu soul artist. It was a pleasure to found out that she is was born in the same country as I was. The part of this assignment was to listen to a song and explore, show your feelings. As I am quite sensitive, an emotional person I am listening to all kinds of calm music about love. I do love to listen to music, I do love photography, I do love him, my family… The main idea was to show my love. Margarete Jakschik is using objects and landscapes more than people. I wanted to focus on the engagement ring, which is the sign of our love. I just cannot imagine how empty and sad life would be without love. I wanted this image to be pure and soft lighted. The use of flower pattern, the colour fabric was an inspiration by the Margarete. Her work Pardon my heart is a body of work, which explores on American life and landscape. The body of work includes close-ups of pressed flowers, an open photo album and the corner of a flowered bedspread.


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