P.172 Dennis Keeley and Mihaela Nita

The Greatness Assignment

STEP I - The tweets

STEP II - Artist portrait

I tried to portray Dennis Keeley for his love and passion for music as a proffessional percussionist.

STEP III - Photograph in the style of the artist

Keeley worked with some of the most famous recording artists as he began his career in music portraiture. His photographs are portraits taken in Black and White with most of his subjects looking right into the camera, inspiring a lot of confidence.

STEP IV - The assignment

1. Family

2. Friendship

3. The rush after you win a game

4. The smell of a new place

5. Ocean eyes

6. Pillows

7. Forgiveness

8. My old refurbished car

9. Fresh sheets after a shower

10. My mom’s pancakes

11. Loud music

12. Technology

13. Late mornings

14. Early nights

15. Game nights

16. 4am cakes with my mom

17. Bad jokes with my friends

18. Procrastinating

19. Fireplaces

20. Rainy days

21. Sunset skies

22. Liquor fruit salad

23. Sweater weather

24. Wi-fi

25. Puppies

26. Long exposure

27. Cold showers

28. Compassion

29. The smell of a new book

30. The rush of a new idea

31. Chocolate

32. Traffic free journeys

33. Good photos

34. The right song at the right moment

35. Sleeping in

36. The smell of the past

37. Driving a convertible car on a hot summer day

38. Unexpected compliments

39. Holding hands

40. Good mornings

41. Passionate people

42. Travelling

43. Giggles

44. Star Wars

45. National Geographic

46. Wind caresses

47. Dancefloors

48. Machu Picchu

49. Space travel

50. Fragrance

STEP V - Critical analysis

Completing this assignment got me really torn between the things I am passionate about and what’s most important in my life. What, at first sight, seemed to be an easy task turned out to be quite the thinker. Between family and friends, my love for travel and photography and all things technology; putting everything in order was quite the challenge and it made me rethink a lot of aspects of my life. “Get your priorities straight!” has never been more relatable.

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