p.176 Erik Kessels and Christina Doyle

Task 4

Hot or Not?


Step 1 – Synopsis of assignment


Step 2 – Portrait


Step 3 – Style 


Step 4 – Completed Task 

Process – Setting up Hot or Not? Profile

Creating an alter ego


As part of this assignment, I had to create an alter ego – adding necessary description, keywords and photographs of myself to the website.




Maintaining this ‘alter ego’…


 What I wanted to gain out of this task was seeing how people reacted to me by just looking at my profile and how people judge someone purely on looks.

Examples of messages received…


Critical Rationale 

The purpose of this assignment was to look at the identities of yourself and others and how you can manipulate them. This assignment made me very uncomfortable. I have never set up a profile for the benefit of trying to get rated on my looks and to have strangers message me. This concept has always made me uncomfortable. However, I took the opportunity to push these boundaries.

I took the words ‘manipulate’ and ‘identities’ and found photographs of myself which I feel have their place on a website like this and edited them in Photoshop. I did this for two reasons, one being that I did not want the photographs to look exactly like me, so by changing the hair colour, eye colour and skin I was able to manipulate myself. When talking to others about my project, the term ‘catfishing’ often appeared. The phenomenon of catfishing takes internet predators that invent online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time). This idea that I was taking part in this dishonest practice made me nervous.

What I wanted to gain out of this task was seeing how people reacted to me by just looking at my profile. My profile was simple with 3 photos and not much information but the sheer amount of people (mainly men) that ‘liked’ or messaged me made me realise how many people reacted to you for a conversation or something of a sexual nature. I received messages like “Hey sexy how are you?”, “Looking pretty”, and “Hello cutie” which made me uncomfortable to read. I also got more ‘basic’ messages taking the content of “Hi, you okay?”, “How are you?” or just plain “Hey”.

The overall purpose of the assignment was to look at identities and how we can manipulate them. By changing my photographs I learnt that through adjusting things like hair colour, eye colour and skin tone, you are able to shape the way people look at you and treat you.









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