p.177 Dean Kessmann and Sam Grant

Step One: Tweet a brief synopsis of my task.

Step Two: Research the artist and make a portrait of them.


Dean Kessmann is an educator, photographer and writer whose work has been exhibited at a wide variety of venues, including Aqua Art in Miami and PULSE in New York and several shows at Conner Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C. He focuses primarily on an abstracted visual aesthetic. His works put emphasis on overlapping shapes, contrasting colours and simple patterns.

When I created my portrait I decided to make something that was an experiement for me in order to be consistent with Kessmann’s visual ethos. It is a picture of Kessman heavily edited to resemble an abstract painting.

Step Three: Make an image in the artist’s style.


Step Four: Complete the task

My ninety nine images.

My selected images (two from each setting)

Step Five: Write a critical analysis of the work produced.

Admittedly there was a pang of anxiety when I first read the task. When I was completing it I was in a position where I could not choose a location outside of my house. Having to select three rooms indoors to create work around admitedly strained my creativity quite a bit. Although in retrospect this is a good thing. I may very well be in positions as I grow where I will be put in unfavorable and many artists I look up to across mediums (such as Jamie “El-P” Meline and Dominick Rabrun of “Dom’s Sketch-Cast”) have said that the mark of a great artist is being able to work with any limitations. I decided on a kitchen a bedroom and a bathroom because those rooms have a different general aesthetic which will bring variety to the images.

After I took my 99 I tried to select images which were visually distinct from each other. I utilized light and exposure in some of them in order to create an image with more visual flair than their mundane setting would suggest. I’m especially happy with the soft lighting and deliberate over exposure of the two bathroom images. If I were to pick out a regret for this section I would say that the kitchen (the toaster and chicken) came out looking a underexposed but overall I’m glad that this section of my project has allowed me to work on my improvisational photography skills.


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