P.178 Chris Killip & Liam Steeples

Task Four: Chris Killip “Sustainability”

Step One: Tweet a Synopsis





Step Two: Artist Portrait








Chris Killip is a photographer from the Isle of Man. In 1964 Killip decided to pursue photography as a way of earning money to leave the island, he started of as a beach photographer capturing life at the seaside. Killip’s work has been featured at many institutions around the world such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Stedeliijk Museum, Amsterdam and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London are just a few to name.
For my portraiture I decided to do a double exposure. I created this by using a portrait of Killip and a picture of the seaside I captured as I feel this strongly links to Killip because of his ties with the seaside and photography.

Step Three: In Their Style 








When researching Killip I found a a common interest for the seaside as I always liked going on family holiday, my parents have just moved down to Devon not to long ago and because of the distance between me and my parents we don’t see each other as much. When I came across Killip’s image ‘The road at Ballakilpheric’ the image gave me that feeling of distance and loneliness so I decided to photograph a short path to close the distance between us, combined with transport gives the sense that I’ll be home soon, whereas Killip’s image gives the sense of a long journey to nowhere.

Step Four: Complete the Assignment

Step Five: Critical Rational

When I got this task I was quite excited and looked forward to the image I was going to produce for this, this task itself was very shortly explained,

“Live in an affordable place, keeping your overhead low. You should be genuinely interested in this place, and want to make work there”

My girlfriend and me have been living together since the start of the year making bills, rent, and food shopping a lot more affordable when splitting the cost. The room we share has a space that a cloth sits over, peel that back and you’ll find space under the roof, with this room we added a lava lamp and some star gazers just to add some atmosphere to the room, converting the room from a space to a place to hang out really changes the mood.

The reason I picked this room as my chosen subject is when I go into this space I feel calm, less stressed and my worries go away. With this clear mind set I’m left to focus on what needs to be done without the feeling of stress making this an ideal place for me to do work or take a break to clear my mind. I wanted to capture the lights of the room to give of the energy of calm and euphoric peace. If I experimented with this task more I would have done more technical work with longer exposure time and smaller aperture to see how the work would turn out but I thought this was an interesting task.





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