P.191 Andrew Lampert and Charlotte Bamford

Shoot Me

Step One – Tweet

Step Two – A Visual Portrait















As well as completing his film projects, Andrew Lampert was the curator of collections at the Anthology Film Archives from 2003-2015

Step Three – Image in the Style of











Hunstanton, 2017.

The photograph’s shown on Lampert’s website do not feature much additional information, some are captioned and dated, most are not. I looked extensively through the photos section of Lampert’s website and thought that they showed things that piqued Lampert’s interest in his daily life. This image has been taken in this way and captioned the same way some of Lampert’s images are.

Step Four – The Task














Step Five – Critical Rationale

When approaching this task, I struggled with whom to ask in order to complete it. I decided to ask someone I considered a friend rather than someone I didn’t know as well in order to save awkwardness between us as I thought this would affect the photo shoot we would be having. I also decided to use my phone to complete this task as I could keep the device silent without drawing attention to my subject. Using my phone also made Joe more comfortable as it was less obvious I was taking a photo of him rather than using my DSLR. Keeping to the boundaries set out by the task I spent a great deal of time talking to my friend, Joe, in order to make him feel as comfortable as possible for when I took his photo. I also allowed Joe to read through the task as it was laid out in the book so he knew exactly what the nature of this exercise was and I told him where the image would appear in order to increase his trust in me whilst doing this and to involve him as much as possible in the process. I asked him how he wanted the photo taken and how he felt most comfortable being photographed, as the shoot progressed I continued to ask him questions such as, did he want his photo taking from a different angle and did he feel comfortable any other way being photographed. After taking a number of images, I showed them to Joe and he chose the one he liked the most and the others were deleted.



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