P.192 Jessica Lancaster and Megan Bradley

Two Assignments

Assignment One: 20 – 40 – 10

Step One, Tweet Synopsis

Step Two, Portrait of Jessica Lancaster

The photographer makes the reinterpretation of history – in relation to both her home Detroit and her family – the focus of her work. So here I represent her by bringing a present day digital image of her home town back in time

Step Three, Image in the style of Jessica Lancaster

Image in the style of Jessica Lancaster. This image is made in the style of The Lancasters; a re-interpretation of family history, created by the reproduction of existing family photographs. I have used my own family archive to make this image

Step Four, The Assignment

Assignment Two: The Negative Exchange

Step One, Tweet Synopsis

The Assignment

Step Five, Critical Analysis

I found both of Lancaster’s exercises to be enlightening experiences into the importance of sequence editing and interpretation of high volumes of images. I interpret her 20-40-10 assignment to fit my budget, I did not have the finances to buy and develop 20 rolls of 36 exposure colour films, so I instead adapted the exercise into one using 10 films, and yielding 20 working prints and 5 final prints. Having an assignment that pushed me to use a lot of film in a short space of time and then editing the images down afterwards was a different approach to film photography than I usually take. Because the process is expensive and each roll is limited to 36 shots I usually pressure myself to mentally edit what I see before I take the image so as to not waste film. Here Lancaster has helped me to not be so careful with each image, and the importance of editing down the surplus to what you want to show your viewer.

The Negative Exchange I adapted considerably. Lancaster suggested that I take a film already exposed and turned into a series by a peer and create my own comparative series from the negative. I looked back into my personal archive of negatives and prints to find a film that I shot from over six years ago. I re-processed the film and made a collection of five images to match the five that I made in the past, incidentally none of the images that I believed were my strongest six years ago were the ones I considered to be strongest today. This reminded me how much my sense of narrative has changed with time and how different two stories told from the same roll of film can be.

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