P. 197 Saul Leiter and Emily Curtin

Task 4

As Remembered by Jason Fulford

Step 1: Synopsis of Assignment

You can’t move anything.  You have to shoot through it.

Artist Portrait

Being a photographer who helped instigate colour photographer as early as 1946 he uses a lot of glass as something to photograph through, which creates a haze over his images.

Step 2: Image in the Style of Saul Leiter

As this image is in the style of Leiter I used a window looking out on a rainy day and used the steam of my breath on the glass with the raindrop to create an image that I believe is more closely linked to the work of Leiter than my full body of work.

Step 3:  Create a Body of Work

Step 4: Critical Rationale

While I wanted to keep to Leiters theme of looking through something, I also wanted to make the work my own.  For this reason, I went about it taking photos through anything except glass.  By doing this, I managed to keep a clear connection to Leiters work, without taking too much inspiration from his images to do a total artist copy.   I thought of many different ideas, but what stuck was this idea of doing photos of interesting backgrounds with something over it.  I have created four very different responses but while keeping to the theme. 

I found this work challenging, I could not get anything done for ages as I wanted to create something more than just looking though objects/fences etc. due to feeling that could be visually and conceptually mundane, but after trialling a few different ideas I went with this literal interpretation of the brief opposed to one with more adaptation.  To make the images more interesting, I went for objects to look through that created different textures tones and a very diverse set of backgrounds.

I put the images into black and white originally as I thought it was more visually pleasing, but reversed this and made them colour again, but desaturated the images slightly, to link once again back to Leiters work. I also wanted to make the colour again as I believe that the images vibrancy creates more variation in the images. 


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