P.20 Ute Behrend and Megan Bradley

The Coal Thieves

Step One, Tweet Synopsis

Step 2, Portrait of Ute Behrend

As a photographer, Behrend endeavours to make the real ethereal, producing work driven by her unique ‘intuition and the search for clarity’. Here, I represent her and this artistic ability as an enigma amongst the ordinary.

Step Three, Image in the Style of Ute Behrend


Step Four, The Assignment


Step Five, Critical Analysis

I initially found the prospect of following Ute Behrend’s assignment daunting, because it was clear to me that as a photographer she is capable of seeing patterns and links in the world around her that many others are unable to. Following my intuition in pursuit of my subject is not something I am accustomed to doing, but immersing myself into Ute Behrend’s work and following her assignment showed me a side of photography which acts a therapeutic exploration of intuition and the environment.

Completing this assignment as instructed meant looking for a subject I did not know existed yet, and asking questions if I didn’t feel I’d immediately found what my intuition would tell me my subject was. To do this I spend a day exploring a public park built on the site of an old estate. On the whole, the park had innumerable potential subjects to photograph, but when passing the river I remembered how during the autumn I had watched workman wade across the water to the other side and into the woods each day to excavate the site of an ancient water mill. It struck me that the hidden ruined mill that everyone knew was there but could not see from the bank could be my subject. After I crossed the river I knew I had found the intuitive moment Behrend had told me to follow. Engaging myself with Ute Behrend and her work was a fascinating experience that has opened me up to approaching how I interact and photograph the world around me in a completely different way.







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