P.211 Ari Marcopoulos & Jimmy Maxfield

Task 4

Step 1:

Assignment Synopsis

Step 2:

Visual Portrait

Through researching Ari Marcopoulos I discovered the majority of his work involves the use of zines. This is why i created my own zine cover in the style of Ari Marcopoulos using key words from other renowned zines he has worked with. I didn’t want to reveal all of Marcopoulos face within the portrait because his work is not based on himself. However, the style of the zine cover I have created is very similar to what he would have made.

Step 3:

Image in Authors Style

Ari Marcopoulos approach to photography has stayed the same for his past 40 years of photography. He fixates on the present moment, photographing what immediately affects him with less emphasis on the subject.

Step 4:

Complete the Assignment


Step 5:

Critical Rationale

This body of work focuses on the insignificant changes that humans don’t comprehend on a daily basis when journeying through a destination. The weed starts off as virtually nothing but explodes into flower over time which is an insignificant change in the environment but is a minor detail that makes a location different on a daily basis. Ari Marcolpoulos inspired me to document this growing weed because it has made me realise that a journey I make everyday is not always as similar as I make it to be when my environment is forever changing. It has made me realise how much I treasure each day I get to walk down the same road but experience a different view with hardly noticing it myself.

The straight point of view and lack of features within the images I created are based on Marcopoulos mundane approach to photography with no excitement but picture the moment perfectly. I had to adapt this assignment by taking a photograph of the growing weed twice a week for a month instead of everyday for a month because I wanted to represent the growth of the weed to be faster than it actually is to engage the audience. The camera was positoned by markings I had perminantly put on the concrete so that the content within the images were practically the same except for the growing weed which needed to stand out.





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