p.213 Katja Mater and Ellie Knight

Task 4

A Beautiful Mistake

Synopsis of the Assignment

Visual Portrait of the Artist

 Katja Mater uses long, complex processes to create her final result. For example, for her body of work Fields on a Lineshe painted the walls in different colours and then back to white again.

In the Style

Katja Mater is a visual artist and photographer who layers moments in time to create her final piece. She turns photography in on itself, by making the process of the camera part of the art itself. 

Completing the Assignment


Critical Rationale

I found this task quite tricky in terms of thinking of the rules, because I didn’t want to come up with a rule that was impossible to stick to several images down the road. Therefore I decided to follow a more strategically thought-out route, and always kept in mind the next step. Katja Mater uses a very step-by-step method in order to create her work, so I employed a similar planned out practice to complete my assignment. To start with I chose a very broad rule, as this would have to be followed for the rest of my images as well. The further along I got, the more specific the rules became, and thus the more difficult it was to follow all of them at once. The idea of the assignment is clever because, by setting these rules, it builds up the elements of a good photograph. For example, they all need to have nice lighting (sunlight) and use visual design (rule of thirds). This process also highlighted to me that it’s ok to break the rules from time to time, and that sometimes mistakes are beautiful.

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