P.236 Bruno Munari and Elizabeth Smith

Task 4!

Step 1) Tweet Steps to follow!


Step 2) Artist Portrait, Bruno Munari, As a photographer he explores the human body along side experimenting with the idea of adding something man made next’s to it. For example by adding a hand he then added a a light bulb. This may suggest a number of things to the reader. For example, the human hand is there to guide you through different path ways, additionally to this the light bulb may suggest being able to see where the path ways are taking you.

For the artist portrait I decided to focus on the arms of which have veins running through them. For the viewer it may suggest a number of things, this including the strength of which the veins provide for us.

Step 3) Photograph in the style of the artist, Munari also explores identity be hide a person, however when photographing them takes away certain details. When creating in the style of I chose to photograph a portrait of a friend however take away certain. 

Step 4) Within the task it made me think about what is important, as in what means something to me, however I wanted to focus on capturing both nature as well as a man made object. With the instructions given I created this. Where it explores the delicate wings on the butterfly, compared to the harsh effect of the mental on the skull.

Step 5) Critical Rational.

From this take it has made me focus on what is important in day to day life, as well as focus on what I want to photograph. Following on from this task it has made me realize to focus on what is in within a photograph and what is might mean to a range of different audiences.




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