P.243 Erin Jane Nelson and Lucy Turner

Task 4

Find 58 Names, Tools and Institutions  

Step 1, Synopsis:

Step 2, Visual Portrait:

Since she was a child, Erin Nelson has always been obsessed with the organisation of colour. This is shown through her collages she creates. To represent this, I have made a collage of some of her work, presenting it in colour order.

Step 3, In the style of:

Nelson presents a lot of her work through bold collages, sometimes pairing up contrasting images to change the story to one of the single images. Nelson does this through archived and original photographs. I have reflected this in an archived image of my sister and I, adding the dying flowers in the corner contrasting against the happy family photograph to completely change the narrative of the image.

Step 4, Task:




Step 5, Critical Rationale:

Originally when receiving this task, I thought I could complete it within an evening. I was wrong. The image above features a crumpled up word search, which is version five and the result of a 3am rage six days in as I found it impossible.

However, the frustration led to my thoughts on how you can use words to create visual images, anything other than seeing them in simple lines on a page. Inspired by Erin Jane Nelson’s Lollie Penny Poems, I used the idea of visual poetry, picking key words I have found within the word search to create a visual image. The work of Anatol Knotek’s photo book Typewriter Poems also influenced this; it particularly influenced the use of a single word in each image to create the design the word depicted. I did this to bring a more visual element to the word search, which helped with the frustration of completing it, as well as exploring a new way of working with text and image.

This task has made me reflect upon the relationship between text and image, something I have never thought much about. Due to this I have started a new collaborative body of work focusing on the exploration of using text, for a purely visual purpose. This is based around the charity, Mind, focusing on their time to change campaign. Working with individuals that have had direct experience with this sensitive topic, to create a photo book and visuals out of text highlighting how people speak about metal illness.

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