P.25 Lucas Blalock and Alessandro Carnevali

Task 1

 Step 1: Synopsis

 Step 2: The author portrait

Blalock in his work tries to extend the photographic medium beyond its indexical boundary using photoshop to “constructed representation” as Bertolt Brecht wrote on theater.

Step 3: In the style of

At first glance Lucas Blalock’s work reminded me to cubism and as I read in some interviews others ended out with the same conclusion, but further reading in Blalock’s interviews what really stands out is that the photographer is seeking for a tridimensionality of the image, trying to go beyond the flat two-dimentional creating layers of space and meaning. He is almost trying to photograph the clone stamp.

Step 4: Body of work

A photo for my friend, who likes to remember when we where playing football as children.


A photograph for my mother, who loves gardening.


A photograph for Giuseppe Penone, who loves trees.

Step 5: Critical Rationale

I don’t usually think of taking photos for other people, it’s something that I do for the majority of the time for myself. This assignment forced me to concentrate in taking photos for people that I know of that I don’t know.
I ended up following Lucas Blalock’s instruction pretty literally so, I started with a photograph for a friend, than I moved to a photograph for my mother and at the end as Blalock wrote I have took a photo for an artist in this case Italian artist Giuseppe Penone whose work was displayed at the Art Museum in Bologna.

It has been really interesting to seek an image who could please myself and another person, that’s probably a thing I have to work on especially doing portraits I tend to think too much of what I like and I tend to forget what the person that I photograph likes to be portrayed. This task surely helped my understanding of what is to photograph for someone else.

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