P.257 Willie Osterman and Charlotte Bamford

Book As…

Step One – Tweet

Step Two – A Visual Portrait











Willie Osterman received a minor in art history from Ohio University. He is also a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. To show this I chose to photograph a series of art history book.s

Step Three – In the Style of











Drawing inspiration from Osterman’s From My Window series whereby he creates long exposure shots by exposing single sheets of film for hours and sometimes days at a time. To create this images, I have taken a series of images from my window and blended them together to try to emulate his style.

Step Four – The Task

Book As An Idea


Using the words high, three and minutes I made three images in three minutes that showed something high.

Book As A Prop or Metaphor












I used the book as a prop and placed it in a study scene. The image itself becomes a metaphor as the subjects shown within the image don’t directly correlate, emulating the confusion I often feel when I study.

Book As An Object

Using pages from the book I created a series of paper cranes.

Step Five – Critical Rationale

When sourcing the book to be used in this task, I asked a member of my family. Initially I would have preferred a fiction book as I thought it would be easier to incorporate into the three pieces. However, the book I received was a non-fiction business skills textbook. The nature of the book significantly influenced how I interpreted the three pieces and a theme of academia soon emerged.

For the first part, I chose a number of words from the chapters that could be interpreted separately and together in a number of different ways. I chose the words, high, three and minutes. I gave myself three minutes to create three photos featuring something high. I chose to create a triptych of sorts, showing sections of the same scene.

For the book as a prop or metaphor, I placed the book into a study scene as it reflected the subject of the book. However the subjects shown in the images, business, photography and Swedish do not obviously correlate which can be seen to reflect the confusion often felt when studying.

For the book as an object, I decided to use individual pages rather than the book as a whole as it was quite large and would be awkward to create something with. I selected individual pages at random and created a series of origami cranes as the crane is a symbol of good luck. I chose to create three as if I were to pick one, it would be my lucky number.

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