p.263 Ahndraya Parlato and Jimmy Maxfield

task 5

Step 1:

Assignment Synopsis

Step 2:

Visual Portrait

Much of Parlato’s work focuses on her own reality, her own world. Her images are either logical or illogical to her viewers. Whether it’s a dream, memory or sleep deprived visions, they all affect the consciousness.

I have created an image that represents Parlato. A dreamlike world that others may relate to but is also unique to her introspective mind.

Step 3: 

Image in the style of Ahndraya Parlato

To try an immitate Parlato’s work I had take on her concept of reality and relate it to myself. It concerns the oscillation of internal and external imagery where I question whether observastions and fears are real or imagined. One of my fears is darkness. The ability to see into a lit room through a window of a house but unable to see back through the window into the dark surroundings. A fear of someone watching you in the security of your home. Something I have never questioned to be reality or just my imagination.

Step 4/5:

Complete the assignment

Having spent two days visualy hibernating I have realised a few things. The reason I first started photography was to visually appreciate an image, the aesthetic that I wanted to create to impress others. This is why I love photoshop so much because it gives me the chance to create the surreal that I falsely experienced but make out to be the reality of why I take photographs.

When experiencing visual hibernation I began to think about the concept of photography. Looking further than the ultimate aesthetic I started to think about the moment I live in and how most days are insignificant because I have no record of it. I now appreciate photography for not only it’s ability to please the eye but to please the mind, to remind me of the places I have been, the people i have met and the stories I can tell through photos.







Here are two completely different images. However, they are both images that I appreciate for different reasons. The stunning array of pyrotechnics (shown on the left) created with prescision and techniques through camera skill. This creative form of photography is my hobby and gives me enjoyment when in the moment of photographing. The opposite images is an image I have taken since coming out of visual hibernation. It wasn’t taken because I felt like having fun with my camera. It’s a memory to me, one that has a story and relates to British teen culture of drugs, alcohol and partying; something that I’m proud to be apart of and capture on film.


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