P.265 Tom Patton and Megan Fulham

Task 5

Sequential or Serial

Step 1: Tweet Synopsis

Step 2: Investigate the author














Tom Patton is a well known photographer, his sour kas been exhibited over 200 times. Therefore, the portrait is from my own installation at the City of Vision Exhibition at the big inning of March

Step 3: Make an image in their ‘Style’














Looking through Patton’s work, there is a set of images Tay looks at a couple who are on their phones. Therefore, I chose to photograph how people decide to view certain events through their phones and cameras.

Step 4: Complete Assignment

Step 5: Critical Rational

Experimenting with narrative and the ways in which sequential and serial narratives work was very interesting for me to look at. Having never made a photo book before, the way in which I went around sequencing this book was interesting and difficult. Placing a variety of different images on the floor and placing them differently was the way I found it easiest.

The final book I created is called Seeing the Unconscious. Continuing from the images I shot for the artist inspiration I did on Patton, I wanted to explore the way in which society have decided to document everything they see. Through doing this, people now experience experiences usually through a device. These devises consist of mobile phones and cameras. Through this change in society, I wanted to show the viewer how, through a photo book, the way in which we interact with images and the physical being of images can change their perception of a place.

Creating a serial book, the viewer can see any of the images in any format. I wanted to do this to give the viewer a sense of disorientation. Through disorientating the viewer, the impact of the images and all the people on their technology is heightened. As well as this, there are colour stripes through the different images. I have included these, because I wanted the effect of a broken screen to be present. Through having this, the audience feels like the memory is a blur and partially broken, like all our memories are in some way.

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