p.269 Sandra Phillips & Kristyn Leach

Task 5

Imagine a Country

Step One: Tweet a Synopsis of Assignment

Step Two: Artist Portrait










Sandra Phillips was a senior curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from 1999 to 2016. During this time she helped to present more than 185 exhibitions and organised exhibitions of Dorothea Lange, Florence Henri and many more influences in the photography world. My image of her showcases her time at SFMOMA and how the place itself was her home for a long period of time

Step Three: Image in Artist’s Style










Since Sandra Phillips is a curator, I spent most of my time reading articles and watching videos where she talked about the work itself and how she put it together. I came across a video of Phillips talking about Alfred Stieglitz’s Georgia O’Keeffe — Neck. From this video I quickly became intrigue by the way that Phillips described it. She discussed how his work promoted modern photography as a serious form of art. I chose to create an image in a digital form of how it would be seen in a museum but also took influence from the way that Phillips talked about the work itself and how it made her feel/why she curated it in that way.

Step Four: Task













Step Five: Critical Rationale

Sandra Phillips’ task asks you to look into morals, ethics and problems that the world may face. Phillips emphasises her curative role she has played for most of her professional life as she begs you to curate your own imaginary country, thinking deeply about the people who inhabit it and how you would choose to represent it as a whole.

For my response, I chose to look at vintage propaganda posters for influence, as the graphic style was something I wanted to investigate further. In addition, their simple designs were effective in getting across a specific message all while gaining attention through the use of line and colour. The graphic elements of each poster vary, yet still hold the same context and meaning throughout the individual posters.

My posters in particular choose to reflect on the basic principles and morals of the people that would inhabit this imaginary country, rather than face the issues that they may face. I wanted to create them in this sense because I, myself am more of a personality person and when it comes to places I have lived and remember what the people were like there and how they interacted with one another rather than focus on the political issues and probems. So for that reason, my response to the task is heavily based around the imaginary people that would live there and how they would interact when it comes to other countries, let alone their general society.

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