p.273 Eliot Porter and Amy Houston

Task 5 – Mornings of creation

Part 1 – Original Tweets


Part 2 – Artist Portrait

Eliot Porter made most of his photographs using colour film so I feel this sums up both him and his work.

Part 3 – Artist Style

Eliot Porter is most famous for his film landscape photographs. This is my landscape in his style.

Part 4 – Task Images

Part 5 – Critical Rationale

For task 5, set by Eliot Porter, I was asked to look into the word of landscapes. In the task he is stating that landscapes are always changing so we should never put of taking the image because it will never be the same again, due to weather, animals and so on. At the start of the task I decided to just take one interesting photo of a landscape, but later on I decided to try and capture two images that were the same. The results are the two images above, this was as close as I could achieve to identical landscapes however there are still small thing that vary.

Having done this task it has given me a new way of seeing and photographing landscapes and the importance of photographing in the moment because it is always changing. I found this task to be challenging and interesting making me think outside the way I would normally photograph a landscape. I will continue to capture multiples of landscape to compare, as it is something I never gave much thought to but now can’t stop thinking about.

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