P.283 Shawn Records and Alessandro Carnevali

Task Two

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Original Post

I ended up rolling:
5,2,6,2   = 5 street corners, southwest, 2 images

This lead me to the corner past my local supermarket, I usually never take the camera with me when I go to the shop maybe because I want to be quick or because I just forgot to take the camera with me. It’s really interesting what you see when you focus on spaces that you usually walk without being aware of the surrounding.

Step 3: Body of Work

Step 4: Critical Rationale

Since I moved to Coventry I have never really spent much time in the park just before the Asda supermarket, it’s interesting how we get used to simple things like a park and we don’t really get interested in thinks close to us. I tried to expand the first two photos in Quinton Park. I tried to move and observe people. It’s extremely difficult to take pictures of people in a park, mainly because there is no real meaning of having a camera at the park, people are used to see cameras down the street so they are more aware of you while you take pictures. To do so you need to move like you are going for a casual walk and maybe speed to people like I did with the old fisher, it was a short but enjoyable talk.

This imply that the photographs are quite cold, because it’s hard to be close with the subject both in spacial and emotional way.

I ended up with five images, the sky was gloomy so the green of the grass is really vivid, I tried to portrait the life in the park as a living organism as it really is.


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