p.283 Shawn Records and Amy Houston

Task 2 – Out of your head

Part 1 – original tweet

Part 2 – Original image

Part 3 – Develop into body of work

Part 4 – Critical rationale

I have decided to expand on the task set by Shawn Records as it was the most challenging and interesting to complete. Being so limited in my original task I had some trouble deciding on how to create a body of work from it. Looking at the contents of the original image the flowers were the things that first caught my eye leading me to create a collection of photographs that explores some of Britain’s flowers. Although the style in which the photographs are taken do not match the original image the idea for it came from the contents instead of physical similarities. Most of these photographs were taken in national trust properties or protected gardens.

Doing this task has helped me to let go of some of the control within photo making and made me look more closely to everyday places and objects for inspiration. The limits of the task were the hardest part to navigate however I feel I have become a stronger photographer because of it.

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