P.283 Shawn Records and Charlotte Bamford

Task 2

Out of your Head

Synopsis of original task

Step 1 – Choose one of the assignments you have already completed

Step 2 – Select one image that could be used to make a more extensive body of work









Step 3 – Develop into a 5-8 image body of work


































Step 4 – Critical Rationale

I decided to expand on the task by Shawn Records that we completed in class. When I responded to the task I did so by holding my phone in the air with the primary aim of capturing the plaits in my hair due to their design. In doing this I unintentionally captured some things above me I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to see due to my height. Due to the speed of the task, what was captured was in no way composed as a result and this meant that when looking at this, it looked very messy. Taking all of this into account I decided to focus on the design and compositions of what was in the background or what was ‘over my head’.

As I couldn’t properly see what I was capturing I decided to use 35mm film to produce the series to replicate the process. If I continued to use my phone I would be able to perfect the images but as I wouldn’t be able to review the images taken until I developed them, it would slow my process down, forcing me to think about the composition. In order to produce the series I enlisted the help of a tall friend who would be in charge of operating the camera because their eyeline would be higher than mine and therefore they would be able to get more in the image I wouldn’t. I then cropped the images to where my direct eyeline was at the time, only showing what was ‘over my head’.

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