P.283 Shawn Records and Danny Williams

Task 2: Out of Your Head

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Original Task

Step 3: Rework the task into a body of work containing 5-8 images.

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Step 4: Critical Rationale

When playing the dice game, I rolled 4, 5, 12 and 3. I had to walk for 4 songs towards North and take 3 images wherever I stop. I found myself outside the changing rooms of Primark. I couldn’t walk any further. I stood there confused as to what to photograph. Then I noticed the various types of clothing around that area. The textures and colours were unusual and varied. I made my three images and then escaped.

To rework my images into a body of work containing five to eight images. I decided to focus on the clothing textures but not in Primark. Using my housemates unique collections of clothing I decided to raid their wardrobes and chose interesting items all different in size and colour. Then using a macro lens I captured close up images of the textures and patterns of the clothing. By having some parts in focus and some parts out of focus the images draw the viewer in further to concentrate on the colours and textures. The reasoning behind this small body of work is to explore the different textures used within the fashion industry. Many items of clothing are made and sold each day and often people over look the textures of these items.

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