P.283 Shawn Records and Elizabeth Smith

Task 2- Out of your head

Part 1- Original Tweet.


Part 2- Original Image.

Part 3- Development into a body of work.



Part 4- Critical Rationale

Following from the original photograph I chose to create a body of work which explores different areas around Coventry and focus many on street identity, this including the pave ways to important landmarks through out the areas around Coventry city center. I chosen to focus on the range of textures throughout the images, as I wanted the photographs to be more in depth and detailed. Also I chose to keep the images in the original colours as the body of work would have a different meaning otherwise for example, if the images were in black and white the audience viewing the work may success another story behide the image.

From exploring this task it has helped me develop on a range of skills, this including having the confidents to explore the City Center with my camera being exposed to the public. Exploring this task has made me open to other path ways throughout my photography career, as I was stuck in my ways of which I enjoyed photographing, however I now feel comfortable to explore street photography as another source of development.


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