p.283 Shawn Records and Ellie Knight

Task 2

Out of your Head

Synopsis of assignment

“Make a 5-8 image body of work, drawing from one of your outcomes”

Chosen Image from my Original Outcomes

I had to walk in the west direction, for three songs and take three photos. I ended up in an unsightly area of the city, surrounded by looming blocks of flats. This task meant that I paid more attention to the environment that I was in, and looked for the ‘beauty’ in a place that wasn’t typical for it. I was drawn to the trees and the nature, partly because this was a burst of colour in a largely grey scene. The content of the photograph is made up of the cityscape, with the tree taking up the majority of the frame. These two components contrast, and the nature almost seems surprising, like a little pocket of life. This makes me think about how there can be life and hope in places that are unexpected: if only you look for it.


New Body of Work




For continuing the body of work, I opened my eyes to the nature that usually goes unnoticed. I photographed the unrefined beauty of little gardens that haven’t been planted. (Essentially I photographed weeds…) But the contrast between this and the unappealing settings is intended to suggest that there is promise in all places.

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