P.283 Shawn Records and Emily Curtin

Task Two:

Out Of Your Head

Step1: Synopsis of Assignment

My tweet showing my original images and the amount of time I had to walk, direction and amount of images I had to take.  I wanted to look at how the street I ended up on was made up.  I took photographs of what I found visually pleasing and show the content of the street.  There is a lot of red on Warwick Lane and so I found the inclusion of this colour a common theme.    I took these images on my iPhone and then edited them slightly on Photoshop.

Step 2: Create a Body of Work 


Step 3: Critical Rationale

I went back to the same spot to try and improve upon my first set of images.  I wanted to see if by using my DSLR instead of my iPhone,I could create work that shoes an improvement visually while keeping to using red in the images to connect them and to make a creative series.  From these three images, I chose to include a cars side mirror and a bin that was there and a close up of a wall.

For the first image of the bollards and cars, I wanted to use a similar view point to the third image from my first set as I though that the way the lines went gave an interesting composition.  For my second image, I wanted to include more red, to add more red as the series continued and so I composed the image with the bin in the center of the image to bring more attention to it. For my third image, to focus in further on the red, I took a photograph of graffiti on the wall.  I zoomed in close to try and show more texture of the wall to add a 3D element to the image; this wall is also what is in front of the Warwick Lane sign in the original set of images.

The images have come out as a series how I intended them to look.  I am happy with my end result and found the creative process of coming up with a common theme between the images after working from the task interesting.

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