P.283 Shawn Records and Faye Layzell

Task 2.

Get Out of Your Head.

Step 1: Choose an assignment from the Finding Workshop.


Walk for: 6 minutes

Direction: Southeast

Take: 6 Images

Step 2: Making Images

Step 3: Create a body of work exploring the images previously made

Step 4: Critical Rationale 

On first approach of the area with my given roll of dice, I found myself in an abandoned alleyway that resembled a lack of human interest, the alleyway was quite small and narrow, leading to a road. With many fences, messy barbed wires and gates, I began to look into the content of the abandonment of this certain area.

When beginning this body of work, I walked around my local surroundings, where I  found many similarities within the previous images. Surrounding my house and street are old buildings and garages that haven’t been used for what seems a long time. I entered these places to find broken bricks that had cracked of off the buildings, dead flowers and weeds, past remains of human use such as old cups and cigarette ends.

This is where I found the context for my body of work, discovering the abandonment of human waste, I used similar methods of composition, finding patterns of symmetry and cropped focus. Using a cropped focus enhances the main focal point, demanding the audience to focus on the aspect of abandonment.

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