P.283 Shawn Records and Jimmy Maxfield

Step 1: Choose an assignment.

Step 2: Choose one of your images from the completed assignment.

This is a portrait format image of a brick wall taken at a slightly lowered view point. This image could potentially lead to a body of work concerning the vast amount of industrialisation and its blockading effect on citizen’s view of natural landscapes.

Step 3: Develop your chosen image into a 5-8 image Body of Work

Step 4: Critical Rationale

From analysing my original image from the assignment I began to create a series of images that would represent the vast amount of industrialisation within Coventry. This idea began because I thought the brick wall would be a good representation of a blockade to a natural landscape. All of the different colours and textures from the walls portray their distinct man made form. The way I tried to prove this concept was following on from the assignment from Shawn Records which involved formal strategy and elements of visual design rather than focusing on objects and things. This assignment was based on following the chance of a dice roll that would determine where you take your photograph. Each of my images are of walls that were closest to where my dice roll took me. I started at the Godiva statue in the centre of Coventry and rolled the dice 3 times for each image I had to take.

This assignment was great for helping me create a storyline for my images. The use of rolling a dice meant that every choice was by chance which gave me the idea to think of a concept that could be proven by the dice roll. Brick structures are endless within a city so the chance of finding a wall within 20 metres of where the dice roll took me was very likely.

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