p.283 Shawn Records and Laura Dakin

Step One: Choose an already completed assignment:
Shawn Records: Out of Your Head

Step Two: Choose an image:

Step Three: Take your chosen photograph and expand it into a 5-8 photographic body of work (or equivalent)

Step Four: Critical Rationale

For the original task I came together with an assortment of images, there was no running theme. As the task determined where I took the photographs through the chance of a dice, I was very limited on what was available in respect of a theme. With this task I also chose to not move out of the step I ended up, limiting me further from what I could photograph. From the selection of photographs I decided to go for the documentation of the building’s construction. I had noticed that throughout Coventry there was an array of buildings that were either being renovated or built. With a curious mind, I came to find that a majority of them were becoming new student accommodation. I thought to develop my original photograph that I would create a mini-series that evidenced this. After creating this series, I also began wondering what kind of effect the expansion of student accommodation had on Coventry. With my final five photographs, I would hope that it raises a discussion on whether or not the sudden expansion of student accommodation benefits or disadvantages the city of Coventry.


From this task I came to learn how to develop one series of images into another that holds more strongly, and is able to provide the needed narrative. Narrative within image making is something I’ve always struggled with in a coherent manner and I have managed to overcome this.

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