P.283 Shawn Records and Megan Fulham

Task 2

Out of Your Head

Step 1: Choose an assignment from the Finding Workshop

Within completing this task I had to:

  • Walk behind
  • Past four pushchairs
  • Take three photographs

After doing this I found myself surrounded by a main road and old market like shops. When I looked around I wanted to photograph different angles and lighting, as I had never focused mainly on the way in which I photograph an item, I usually just document them.

Step 2: Create images


Step 3: Create a body of work that explores the context of an image you have made

Step 4: Critical Rational

This task lead made me think about more of the composition of the images rather then the content. However, after an activity with other members of the course, it was apparent that the first image of the three I took was the most interesting in terms of the content. This was because of the way in which the man in the image is looking positioned.

The gentleman appears to be looking behind him; therefore the viewer is automatically questioning what is out of the frame and what he is looking at. As well as him looking behind, the subject seems to be shielding what looks to be his wife behind him pushing a pushchair. This linked in well with my instructions as it showed how many pushchairs there are in Coventry.

The body of work has been produced from some of my past work. I decided to include past and present work as tall of these images are taken in a different city/ country, from New York to Cambridge. The way in which these images are all from different locations is to give the audience a disorientation the images have people looking and sometimes photographing the event, however you never see what they are looking at. The images as a collection present how the audience has the automatic reaction to want to know what is happening around them. It also shows how confusing a major event can be for some members of society. Putting the viewer places then within an empathetic for those that fine these situations stressful.

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