P.283 Shawn Records and Milo Lethorn

Task Two

Out Of Your Head

Step One, Original synopsis:

Step Two, Original image:


Step Three, Body of work:

Step Four, Critical Rationale:

Five bins, five bins northwest. Strict adherence to the original task found oneself in an unexpected and unrealised place, struck by the near perfect geometry that existed in a scene of bins, an otherwise often-considered eyesore. In expanding understanding, the original scene wandered upon was revisited with the intention of furthering the geometry originally encountered. This was not a public-facing side of the city and so deliberate loitering was undertaken in scouting potential ways of recontextualising. What existed there was an alternative community, forced by the outwards facing establishments that surrounded the space. Within this community one could only note one reoccurrence at every angle: bins. The bin, as an object, has a very man-made purpose, physically used for storing waste; this means for disposal, here found hidden behind what is made public, demanded a response to challenge perception. With consideration of differing form these can take, a selection of carefully composed black and white photographs have been made with the intention of treating the bin as a sculpture too often taken for granted. Presented in 5×4 dimensions, the image form itself makes conscious reference to the large format camera, often reserved for subjects deemed fine-art. With all considered, this eight-piece series seeks to aestheticise cultural eye-sore as a somewhat satirical and informal means of provoking discourse regarding wider themes of materiality.

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