P.29 Yannick Bouillis & Colette Olaf and Sam Grant

Step One: Tweet a synopsis of the task.

Step Two: Create a “portrait” of the artist(s) using your knowledge of them as practitioners.

Caption On Instagram:

This was a unique challenge as I had to compound the distinct voices of two artists into a single “portrait”. I tried to find a way of fusing their respective ethos’ into the image. When I found that Yannick ran a photobook festival and Colette was working with renewability I began rooting through my photobook collection and recycling bin for props. I feel this image captures the passions of both artists.

Step Three: Make an image in the “style” of the creator.

Caption On Instagram: 

Since I was working with a conservationist and photobook expert I decided to create a mock photobook cover with a theme of nature. This was challenging since neither practitioner are known for photographic work so recreating their “style” took some consideration. I feel that this is an effective amalgamation of their respective personal ethos.

Step 4: Complete the task in step one.

Step 5: Write up a critical analysis of the task, what you created and why.

Task One: Critical Analysis

This task was uniquely challenging when contrasted with most of the other first tasks since it was the only one to require me to draw from two artists with distinct careers that produce little to no photographic work. I had to draw more from their creative or political ethos as apposed to a clear visual aesthetic when constructing their “portrait” and recreating their “style” I decided to fuse the renewability concerns of Olaf and the photobook fascination of Bouillis to create my images. I got to experiment with depth of field in the former and new photoshop techniques in the latter so I certainly feel as though I’ve grown as a practitioner. In terms of content my only fear is that the theme was perhaps a bit too direct and obvious. I need to grow stronger at coming up with compelling premises with short time constraints.


The secondary goal was to pen a letter to my second favourite of two artists on why they are not the first. It was an interesting exercise in self reflection that helped me better realise what I value as a consumer and creator of art. It would seem my biggest qualm with my former greatest influence was an inability to maintain consistency in quality, although I also pointed out that despite my disappointment I admired his desire to experiment. A part of me still regrets my choice due to this but if I had gone with the alternative there is a good chance I would be feeling the same way.


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