P. 292 Will Rogan and Alessandro Carnevali

Task 5

Step 1: Synopsis


Step 2: The author portrait

Looking at Will Rogan work is hard to tell if he is a photographer, a sculpture or both of them. I got hooked by this sculpture and I found that rephotograph a part of it would have been a good way to portrait both a photographer and a sculpture.

Step 3: In the style of

In his series Public Sculpture, Rogan finds elements in the streets that could be interpreted as a sculpture. With an surrealist eye the photographer tries to capture the unusual in the usual of the everyday life trying to create a realty in his photograph where accidents creates sculptures.

Step 4: Body of work



Step 5: Critical Rationale

When I firstly read the assignment from Will Rogan I wasn’t really sure of what to do. Art is a difficult concept and create a discourse relating past, present and future of art was hard to think of.I got a first idea on how to face this reflection when I was visiting the National Gallery in London. I was thinking at why people take pictures of paintings and I came up with a theory.

Looking back at prehistoric art, the function of paintings in caves was basically magical, a way to internalise and obtain the animal represented and grant to the hunters luck and a success in the hunt.Today art is watched and for the most, photographed for almost the same reason, we live without being conscious, following a set of magical and superstitious actions. Taking a photograph of a paint or a sculpture is a way to take possession of the piece of art, to archive that beauty, to be part of it in a mutual way.In the future, in ten thousand years, taking for truth my theory art is probably not going to be enjoyed as today, but is going to be part of our consciousness, we are going to be art and art is going to be us.

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