p.300 Asha Schechter and Paulina Cetnarska

Unintended Consequences

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Visual portrait of author

Asha Schechter is LA based artist, currently is a lecturer and teaches in Fine Art. Schechter’s artistic practice is set within the context of a networked. His work is based on 3D graphic illustrations placed on photographs.

Step 3: Artist’s style


Schechter is using 3D object illustrations and landscape and still life photographs as a background. This surprising style is a mixture of freelance photography of spaces and 3D large-scale, colourful objects placed on the photograph.

Step 4: My response to this assignment

Step 5: Critical Rationale

Unintended Consequences assignment gave me an idea that we actually can build up a body of work from existing work. It surprised me how many good images we all do have on our phones. I never thought of making a body of work using a phone camera, always seemed not professional to me. I am using my phone camera to freeze everyday, private moments. I would say that these images are very personal to me. However, for my professional career, I always use a proper camera. While I was flicking through phone images, I though these images are like a journey. If someone could look through these images they would know me better, as it is part of my identity. Photographs of places, of my family, of myself, of things I love, of food I like. One frame has repeated several times – my feet in different places. I decided this is going to be my body of work. As also I have noticed that I owe this phone since a year now, and haven’t deleted any images. I would title this body of work One-year journey. This body of work contains 6 images; all taken in different time spaces and never were intended to be a body of work.

3d cherry shape from https://clipartfest.com



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