p.312 Nigel Shafran and Ivan Petkov



Step 1 : Tweet a synopsis of the assignment you have been allocated.

There is a time to think and time to act. Don’t let yourself be in the way of taking a pic.


Look at the present as it were the past. Feel like everything is connected and makes sense.

STEP 2 : Investigate the author,and make a portrait of them (it is preferred that you construct a portrait, using your research to guide an illustration of how you perceive their character).


Nigel Shafran’s current work focuses on the still life details of everyday living scenarios. that are drawn from domestic spaces and mundane world. He worked as a fashion photographer before turning to fine art photography. He describes his work as a build up of images often in sequences. He said: I’m one tricky pony: it’s all life and death and that’s it.

STEP 3 : Critically analyse the work of the author and make an image in their“style.


Make an image in their ‘style’. Nigel Shafran’s project ‘Washing Up’ documents the act of washing the dishes in his apartment’s kitchen for a series of photographs. His observations of daily lifr give a glimpse of this everyday chore from someone else’s perspective. I had some dirty dishes left in my kitchen and at the moment I took the image of before and after it was like a completely different place. It worked like a meditation for me during the period of washing the dishes.

STEP 4 : Complete the assignment

STEP 5 : Write a 250-word critical analysis

During the winter when I was testing the 50mm 1.4 lens I took a picture of a pinch. That time it was cold and really grey, alway raining and I was not feeling up to do anything. In the task Nigel Shafran says to accept what is in front of me because it can lead to infinite possibilities and that everything that has happened to me in the past can have an effect on my work. I remember clearly the day I took the picture or most importantly how I felt that day, I was feeling down and like the whole world was collapsing.

So I decided to retake the image again by using the same aperture lens. I did the same image but I saw a complete difference in the new image. Despite that everything was colorful behind and you can see a clear blue sky, the biggest difference was how I was feeling the day I took the image again.

When I edited and looked the images side by side I was not looking at a pinch I was looking more at myself before and now. I see how more productive and more happy I am feeling. Like a completely different person took that image.

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