p. 313 Christine Shank and Emily Jones

Task 2 

One Hour Photo Project

Step 1: Choose an assignment from the making workshop.

Step 2: Select one image and analyse the components (inc. form, content and concept)

This series was based upon the Blitz and how the explosions effected the cathedral. I originally took this image from a video clip of a bubble floating in the air and bursting in front of the cathedral ruins. In order to exaggerate the movement of the bubble bursting, I increased the contrast of the image which created a silhouette effect on the cathedral. I liked the image being in black and white, as it furthered the context behind the work and the date these events happened in Coventry’s history. I kept the images square in an attempt to minimise any distractions and  keep the focus on the ruins and the bubbles.


Step 3: Develop it into a 5-8 image Body of Work


Step 4: Write a brief critical rationale

For the original task, written by Christine Shank, the class were given a random object to independently include within my images.  In my case, I had to incorporate a tube of bubbles. I decided to go to the Coventry Cathedral ruins and use the aspect of the bubbles exploding to represent how the ruins came to be. I recorded the bubbles as I blew them and created still images from this. I increased the contrast, and blended the opacity of multiple of black and white layers in order to create the silhouette of the bubble exploding in front of the ruins. This added drama and texture to the images. When receiving feedback on this image, my peers wanted to see more details of the cathedral ruins instead of this silhouette. This inspired me to expand on this task and create a body of work based upon the everlasting effects The Blitz had on the cathedral. The monochrome aesthetics of the original set of images adds to their context, however, I wanted to represent the effects The Blitz still has on the structure of the cathedral now. I decided to use colour for these images in order to deepen the texture and cracks within the image. The cathedral ruins

This task resulted in me developing a body of work which could represent the long term effects of such an historical moment in Coventry’s history. The cathedral ruins and homes in Coventry were one of the most destroyed and de-constructed areas of the UK during the war, and was more publicised than most air raids. This project has helped to me to develop my understanding of Coventry’s role in our history and how I could represent this now using my surroundings and a simple object.

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